Cryogenic Level Transmitters

Model 1516 (2%) & Model 1020 (5 OR 10%)

  • 4-20 mA & 0-5V outputs
  • Frictionless sensor
  • With or without dials
  • Solid state electronics
  • Allows for remote monitoring
  • Withstands shock & vibration
  • Proven in outdoor installations
  • Popular in telemetry systems

Variety of Outputs

Our standard sized cryogenic liquid level gauge model 1516 has an accuracy of 2% while our smaller model 1020 “mini” cryogenic level gauge version offers either a 5% or 10% accuracy output. This variety of offerings works well with the wide variety of tanks and remote monitoring systems.

Model 1516 – 2% Accuracy Transmitter Specifications and Ordering

Model 1020 – 5% or 10% Accuracy Transmitter Specifications and Ordering


How They Work

We offer a current or voltage output that begins with a magnetic sensor that relays slight changes in pressure to the electronics. This electronic signal is then amplified and linearized to reflect a proportional representation of the level of liquid in the cryogenic tank.


Rugged Protected Design

Housed within solid blocks of metal and a weatherproof enclosure, the solid state electronics are able to withstand shock, vibration and outdoor weather conditions. The electronics are designed and tested to be rugged and reliable, with cryogenic tank use in mind. Since they are built with the same design as our rugged level gauges they can be expected to handle the most difficult conditions.

Adding a transmitter output to your familiar level gauge is as easy as adding the transmitter to the description. You will receive the level gauge with a transmitter enclosure that houses the electronics and a conduit port for the wiring.

Current output is a 2-wire loop powered device to facilitate the more common systems. Power to drive the components comes from the current loop. The voltage output version is a 3-wire device.

Cryogenic Level Transmitter Only – No Gauge

For applications where no local indication is necessary, select our transmitter only version. This product looks very much like the gauge/transmitter combination without a gauge. Often called a blind transmitter, you have the benefit of paying for only what you require, an electronic output, nothing more.



The growth of remote monitoring has extended to telemetry. This is a natural application for cryogenic tanks that are often transported to remote locations where wired connections may or may not be available. Those tanks need to be refilled at a specific point, often at 30% of full. Our transmitter output is fast becoming the popular option for those who want to monitor tank level from a distance. It facilitates on-time refills and reduces waste from early or late tank service. Orange Research has played a part in facilitating the growth of telemetry on cryogenic tanks, working with many manufacturers to develop the proper fit between our transmitters and the telemetry system.

Photos: Cryogenic Tank Level Transmitters

1516 Family

1516 Port Options

1020 Family

WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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