Mini DP Transmitters

Sometimes Simple Is A Better Value




DP Range Min

DP Range Max

Max Line Pressure

Max Line Temperature


Electrical Availability

Instructions & Drawings

1020 DIT

PSID 0-1
In. H2O 0-25

PSID 0-10
In. H2O 0-275

1000 psig
(200 bar)

176°F (80°C)



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D=Diaphragm   T=Transmitter   S=Switch    P=Piston   I=Indicator

*A DIN 43650 Form “C” (8 mm) is standard (mating connector is supplied on request)


Low Cost

Our new low-cost mini differential pressure transmitters, with or without indicator, are the better alternative to many over-sized, over-priced products. You no longer have to pay for accuracy you don’t need. You no longer have to pay for features you don’t need.


Proven Design

Our mini differential pressure transmitter design is proven, using the same pressure body and sensors that make it the #1 OEM differential pressure indicator and switch. Now we’ve incorporated the same technology used in our larger differential pressure transmitters models into this low-cost alternative.

If 10% accuracy is all you require, these are worth considering. If 2% is necessary, see our standard size differential pressure transmitters. If you are an integrator or OEM these are the likely solution for keeping your costs down.


OEM Design

These new miniature transmitters for differential pressure measurement are designed primarily for OEM liquid or gas filter applications where remote monitoring is necessary. We’ve packed 20 years of proven sensing technology into the smallest package available. In doing so, we were able to cut the price in half!

Heavy Duty to 3000 psi

Our rugged high-pressure design handles up to 3000 psi line pressures. This is achieved by using heavy-duty pressure bodies machined from solid blocks of aluminum. The bodies are then anodized to allow for long-term use in difficult environments.


Two Outputs

Loop-powered, 2-wire mini differential pressure transmitter versions have a 4-20 mA output while 3-wire versions have a voltage output.


Liquids or Gases

Our 1002 piston sensor models handle differential pressure ranges from 0-4 to 0-75 psid and are designed for liquids with line pressures up to 3000 psi. The 1020 diaphragm sensor versions handle ranges from 0-25″ H20 to 0-10 psid for liquids or gases up to 1000 psi line pressures. All units are calibrated to NIST standards and no adjustments are required in the field.



Installation Ready

A 1″ dial is available for local indication. Standard ports are 1/8 female NPT located on the sides, back, or bottom of the units. Manifold mounting ports also are available. The electronics are protected by a weatherproof enclosure.



WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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