Cryogenic Level Gauges
Model 1516

Popular On All Tank Sizes

  • Rugged design
  • 70 to 150mm dials
  • Bright easy-to-read dials
  • Magnetic coupled sensor
  • Machined from metal blocks
  • No mechanical linkage to wear
  • Withstands shock & vibration
  • Handles overpressure to 1500psi
  • Withstands road and sea transport
  • Maintains accuracy for years

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Specifications: 1516 Cryogenic Level Gauges

Model 1516 PDF Downloads: Specifications | Instructions | Drawing
ModelDP Range MinDP Range MaxMax Line PressureMax Line TemperatureAccuracyElectrical Availability
bar 0-0.07
KPA 0-7
In. H2O 0-30
mmH2O 0-700
kg/cm2 0-0.07
SQ. RT. Contact us
PSID 0-50
bar 0-3.5
KPA 0-350
In. H2O 0-1400
mmH2O 0-35000
kg/cm2 0-3.5
SQ. RT. Contact us
1500 psig
(100 bar)
200°F (93°C)2%1 or 2 Switches
Nema 4X Enclosure

D=Diaphragm   G=Gauge   S=Switch   T=Transmitter

Designed with cryogenic tanks in mind, our cryogenic fuel level indicator model 1516 level gauges has specific features that tank manufacturers, gas companies, distributors and end users prefer. They are found on LIN, LOX, LAR tanks along with CO2 and LNG.


Tank Level Applications:

  • Liquid Cylinders
  • Micro-Bulk
  • Bulk Tanks
  • ISO Tanks
  • Tank Trailers


Rugged Design

Machined from solid blocks of brass or aluminum, our cryogenic level gauges are built to withstand high tank pressures and rough handling. Magnetic coupling of sensor and indicator eliminates mechanical linkages that can wear or fail. Strong weatherproof metal dials allow our cryogenic level gauges to weather extreme elements while protecting the sensitive sensor inside.


Cryogenic storage tanks can take a beating. Transported by ship, truck or rail, liquid cylinders often contend with vibration, shock and difficult weather conditions, including hot and cold temperatures, rain and sea salt. Not every gauge can handle such conditions. Most gauges cannot combine accuracy and sensitivity with this required ruggedness. Orange Research cryogenic level gauges achieve this balance, proving themselves on all tanks, in all conditions, working reliably for many years.


Many Standard Cryogenic Level Gauge Features

We offer brass or aluminum pressure bodies, with dial sizes 70mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm. Whether you need to read a gauge up close or at a distance, we have a solution for both small and large tanks. Side, back or bottom port bodies are available.

We offer many standard dial options, including the popular red arc on the lower 30% of the scale to indicate low tank level. Oxygen cleaning option and custom logos are also available.

Our 0-5 Volt and 4-20mA output transmitters are gaining in popularity. Having an easy-to-read dial with a transmitter option allows for convenient local and remote monitoring from a single instrument. This reduces installation time and saves you money.



Similar Cryo Products:

  1. Check out our lower cost, smaller model 1020 “Mini” level gauges. These are very popular on liquid cylinders and beverage tanks.
  2. Our new CryoCombo assemblies with level gauge, pressure gauge & 3-valve manifold are integrated into one assembly.

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WARNING: This product contains Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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Select from each of the applicable categories to construct a model number, and configure your instrument. Click the button to request a quote or for more information. If you are reordering you must supply the Part Number from your instrument label. Contact Orange Research or local Orange Research distributors for additional options and pricing information. *Please Note: Other Ranges and Measurement Units are available than appear below; specify your needs in the comments box below.


Sample configuration: Gauge (w/ switch option): 1516DGS-1A-2.5B-A-0-15 psid-PL, switch to close at 10 psid asc.

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Popular Options

We can customize parts to your specific needs, with features including:

• Red Arc
• Liquid Filled
• Follower Pointer
• Flanged Dial Case
• … and more

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1516 Family

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WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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