Bulk Tank Liquid Monitors

Popular Models: 1516, 1536, 4210, 4310 & 1020

  • “Go-to” alternative to expensive Barton gauges
  • We can match the 150mm diameter dial and mounting requirements
  • Lower price point and fast delivery

For example, our model 1516 cryogenic level gauge is a very rugged, easy-to-read, bright white dial, customized to your specifications at a fraction of the price.


Popular Models for Bulk Tanks:


Read about our cryogenic bulk tank level monitoring solutions, including more on part specifications and the features of each model, by clicking on the links above.

With one of the industry’s most extensive and proven lines of cryogenic level monitoring solutions, Orange Research offers:

  • Gauges – for local indication – no mechanical linkage to wear or break
  • Transmitters – for remote monitoring – popular on Telemetry Systems
  • Assemblies – component combinations that reduces assembly time and reduce leak paths

Proven Solutions

Our parts have proven to be reliable, durable and accurate – with more than 400,000 of our cryogenic solutions installed. Our components can be used for bulk tanks storing:

  • LIN
  • LOX
  • LAR
  • LNG
  • CO2

Contact an Orange Research customer service team member to learn more about our full suite of cryogenic liquid level monitoring solutions, and to discuss your application.

WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to: www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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