Barton Replacement Gauge For Cryogenic Tanks

Model 1536

  • Less than ½ the price
  • 2 week lead-time
  • Decades of proven performance
  • Replaces Barton gauges in minutes
  • Popular on bulk, ISO tanks and trailers

Specifications: Barton Replacement Gauge

Model 1536 PDF Downloads: Specifications | Instructions | Drawing
ModelDP Range MinDP Range MaxMax Line PressureMax Line TemperatureAccuracyElectric Availability
1536 DGPSID 0-1
bar 0-0.06
KPA 0-6
in H2O 0-25
mmH2O 0-640
kg/cm2 0-0.06
SQ. RT. Contact us
PSID 0-50
bar 0-3.5
KPA 0-350
in H2O 0-1400
mmH2O 0-35000
kg/cm2 0-3.5
SQ. RT. Contact us
750 psig
(50 bar)
200°F (93°C)2%No Electrical

D=Diaphragm   G=Gauge

Orange Research announces a simple, innovative solution to replacing Barton level gauges on cryogenic tanks, without moving piping or changing mounting brackets…and at less than ½ the price and with a 2 week delivery!

Orange Research has been supplying the popular model 1516 to replace Barton level gauges on cryogenic tanks for decades. Our 1516 has become the standard on micro-bulk and bulk tanks. For new installations the 1516 is the perfect solution to the high Barton price and long lead times.

But for older tanks, or for distributors with many tanks in the field, service or replacement often requires changing the mounting configuration and moving the piping to accommodate a different level gauge. By adding a manifold the model 1536 mimics the back of the Barton gauge. You can remove the Barton gauge and install model 1536 in minutes.

Like the 1516, the same, easy-to-read, 150mm (6 inch) diameter dial clearly presents the user with the level information while allowing many standard features. A bright, white dial with your logo or multicolor arc are standard options, something not attainable in 2 weeks from Barton.


The standard 1536 pressure body is Brass or Aluminum. Both are very popular.

Standard configuration has the high pressure on the left (Hi-left). Hi-right is a standard no-charge option. These left and right configurations can be changed in the field by changing the back manifold.

Say Goodbye To…

  • Expensive level gauges
  • Long lead-times
  • Periodic re-zeroing of pointer
  • Dark, difficult to read dials
  • Scavenging for refurbished gauges

For Tank Types

  • Micro-Bulk Tanks
  • Bulk Tanks
  • ISO Tanks
  • Trailers


  • LIN
  • LOX
  • LAR
  • LNG
  • CO2



  • For switch or transmitter models see model 1516
  • When panel mounting relocation of piping may be necessary
  • This unit is not for use on helium or hydrogen systems

How To Order

Select from each of the applicable categories to construct a model number, and configure your instrument. Click the button to request a quote or for more information. If you are reordering you must supply the Part Number from your instrument label. Contact Orange Research or local Orange Research distributors for additional options and pricing information. *Please Note: Other Ranges and Measurement Units are available than appear below; specify your needs in the comments box below.


Sample configuration: Gauge (w/ switch option): 1536DG-1A-2.5B-0-15 psid-PL

Buna is Standard
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Popular Options

We can customize parts to your specific needs, with features including:

• Red Arc
• Liquid Filled
• Follower Pointer
• Flanged Dial Case
• … and more

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Photos: Barton Replacement Gauges for Cryogenic Tanks

Barton Gauges

Barton Gauge Top

Barton Gauge with Bracket

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