Cryogenic Tank Assemblies

4210 Cryocombo Panel & 4310 Cryocombo Unmounted

  • Save time & labor
  • Reduces leak paths

Assemblies that Save Time, Money and Space

Orange Research offers combination cryogenic tank monitoring assemblies that will save you time on procurement and installation, save you money on purchasing and labor costs, and save you space with slim, compact designs.

Orange cryogenic combination units feature the same accurate and reliable sensors and durable, machined metal housings as our standalone components––with custom options to meet your particular application. Choose our Cryocombo Panel (CCP) featuring a cryogenic tank level gauge, a pressure gauge, and 3-way manifold valves; or our Cryocombo Unmounted unit (CCU) with tank level gauge and 3-way manifold valves.


Factory Tested Performance

Cryocombo components and fittings are assembled and tested in our facilities with advanced quality control. Units arrive ready-to-install. Our factory assembly reduces time and labor required in the field, and reduces the potential for leak paths between components.

Orange Research cryogenic component combos are ideal for bulk and micro-bulk tanks, ISO tanks, and truck and trailer tank applications. Cryocombo units are just another way that Orange Research delivers cost-effective, performance-driven solutions for your cryogenic tank monitoring needs.


  • Contains level & pressure gauges, & valves
  • Handsome, slim-line SS panel
  • Factory assembled as one unit
  • Saves time & labor
  • Reduces leak paths


  • Contains level gauge & valves
  • Factory assembled as one unit
  • Option to add your own pressure gauge
  • Saves time & labor
  • Reduces leak paths

Photos: Cryogenic Tank Assemblies

Cryo Assembly Family

4210 Front

4310 Front

WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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