Inline Flow Switches

0.1 to 1.5 GPM

  • Flow switch piston sensor for liquids
  • Compact size
  • Low cost
  • OEM design
  • Brass or stainless steel
Set-points(Wetted Parts) Brass
(Wetted Parts) SS
Maximum PressureAccuracy/
Dead BandTemperaturePorting(Electrical) Options(Electrical) Pilot Duty
(Electrical) Resistive Load
(Electrical) Wires
0.1, 0.25,
0.5, 0.75,
1.0, 1.5 GPM
Brass and
stainless steel
Stainless steel1000 psig (200 bar)10% FS / 1%20% max.-20°F to +200°F
(-29°C to +93°C)
1/4" NPTSPST-N.O.,
20 VA max.,
50-250 VAC
20 W max.,
120-240 VAC
or VDC
No. 18 AWG. wire,
24" long

Fixed Set-Point Flow Switches

Our 30000 Series fixed set-point flow switches have factory-preset settings. The many features and the adjustability found on our other models have been designed out.

Orange Research manufactures these flow switches with a compact size and basic profile, resulting in a low-cost switch that can be mounted where space is limited. This makes these flow switches popular for OEM applications where simple flow switch actuation is required.

As a leading flow switch manufacturer, we produce these components with rugged materials to allow for long-term, high-pressure use. Orange Research flow switches are popular for portable systems where shock and vibration are common. Stainless steel springs and brass or stainless steel pistons and pressure bodies allow these flow switches to be used in a variety of applications, including lubricating systems, chillers, coolers and heat exchangers.


Flow Switch Calibration

Flow switches are calibrated on increasing flow in the vertical position on water at 70°F. For other fluids or conditions we can manufacture your flow switch with special calibration and settings, as requested. In this case, specify orientation, fluid, specific gravity and viscosity.

How a Flow Switch Works

Designed for in-line use, the fluid enters the end connection and exits the flow switch side port. As the fluid passes through the flow switch it pushes against a spring-loaded piston magnet sensor. As the sensor magnet moves into proximity of the reed switch, the switch is activated.


WARNING: This product contains Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

How to Order Flow Switches

Select model based on switch set-point and material. Special calibration and designs are available. If you are reordering you must supply the Part Number from your instrument label. Contact Orange Research or local Orange Research distributors for additional options and pricing information.

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WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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