Cryogenic Tank Level


1516 Level Gauge

  • 2% accuracy
  • 70-150mm diameter
  • Brass or aluminum
  • Popular on micro-bulk & bulk tanks

1020 Level Gauge

  • 5% accuracy
  • 25 & 70mm diameter
  • Popular on liquid cylinders and micro-bulk


1516 Transmitter

  • 2% accuracy
  • Brass or aluminum
  • For micro-bulk & bulk tanks
  • Popular in telemetry systems

1020 Transmitter *New

  • 5% accuracy
  • Popular on liquid cylinders and micro-bulk
  • Popular in telemetry systems


4210 Cryobombo Panel (CCP) *New

  • Level, pressure & valves
  • Attractive, slim-line SS panel
  • One complete assembly
  • Reduces assembly time
  • Reduces leak paths

4310 Cryocombo Unmounted (CCU) *New

  • Level & valves
  • Add your own pressure gauge
  • Reduces assembly time
  • Reduces leak paths
  • Lower labor costs

With more than 50 years of experience, Orange Research is recognized as a leading supplier of cryogenic level measurement instruments to some of the world’s most innovative companies. Over 400,000 of our level gauges have been installed around the world, and our prices are typically less than half the price of our competitors.

We offer a family of cryogenic level measurement solutions that have proven reliable and effective, and are specially designed in response to our customers’ needs and input. With options including Barton replacementsminiature models, and digital cryo level gauges, our cryogenic level measurement products include features that tank manufacturers, gas companies, distributors and end users prefer. Our cryogenic level gauges are found on LIN, LOX, LAR tanks along with CO2 and LNG.

Our tank level applications include:

  • Liquid Cylinders
  • Micro-Bulk
  • Bulk Tanks
  • ISO Tanks
  • Tank Trailers


Rugged Design for Cryogenic Level Measurement Applications

Orange Research cryogenic level measurement products are recognized for unsurpassed durability. All of our level gauges and transmitters are specially designed to withstand shock and vibration, and have proven reliable even in difficult applications such as storage tanks that are exposed to rough handling during transport.

Our cryogenic level gauges feature:

  • Strong, weatherproof metal cryogenic gauge dials that endure extreme elements while maintaining accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Gauge bodies machined from solid blocks of brass or aluminum, allowing them to withstand high pressures.
  • No mechanical linkages that can wear or fail as a result of prolonged use and exposure to certain weather conditions. Orange Research utilizes magnetic coupling of sensor and indicator for lasting, reliable connections that our customers can count on.


Custom Cryogenic Level Gauge Designs

Orange Research also offers customized cryogenic pressure gauges that include customer logos, switches, transmitters, multicolor scales and special mounting hardware. Our engineers can use your tank information to design the dial. We also provide custom cryogenic gauge assemblies for special applications. Contact us for more information on our custom cryogenic level measurement options.

Global Leader in Manufacturing

We design, customize and apply innovative engineering solutions.

We look forward to working with you in designing a differential pressure or flow monitor for your specific needs.

WARNING: Some of our products contain Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:

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